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Universal fillers for all bottles and cans

Our universal 4 or 6 head machines are ideally suited for people who do not want to be tied to one type of bottle or can. The machine can switch between different bottle sizes in 5 min. and can be converted from bottle to can in 20 min. 

€28,500,- 4 heads
€31,500,- 6 heads

Can filling option: €2,500

Machine explanation

Our universal fillers come standard with a manual rinser for 12 bottles. Filling starts with this rinser. A user places bottles in the fastrack and presses start. water and/or sanitizer spray into the bottles during the set time. This can be done from an outlet or a pump. 

The bottles are then placed in special trays which correspond in size to the diameter of the bottle / can. The trays bring the bottles and cans under the filling heads and cappers. at the end these are slid towards the user after which the bottles and cans can be removed from the trays. 


  • Dimensions: 2150 ~2600 *800*2300mm (W*D*H)

  • Weight:  210 ~280KG

  • All stainless frame

  • Stainless valves with EPDM seal

  • 10” waterproof touchscreen

  • Arduino PRO controlled with lifetime updates.

  • 110 ~ 230V @ 6A max power.

  • Beverage input : Tri clamp 1,5”

  • Compressed air input : 8mm push in @ 8 bar max

  • C02 input: 8mm push-in / 1.4”  



Rigters Fillers

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