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Our compact manual fillers are ideally suited for filling smaller volumes and specials. 

The machine takes a maximum of 15 minutes to clean and it can fill anything between 0.2 and 1L. 

The 1 button operation makes it very easy to use.


Machine explanation

The maximum speed of our hand fillers depends on several factors such as temperature, pressure and CO2 saturation. However, experience shows that per cup up to 150 bottles per hour can be filled with 2 people.

With one hand the user lowers the lever and with the other the bottle is slid under the head. by releasing the lever, the bottle will be pressed into place under the filling head. The user then presses the start button of the relevant filling head. the entire filling will then happen automatically. First, CO2 will be injected into the bottle so that oxygen disappears from the bottle. the time and pressure of the CO2 pre-rinse is fully adjustable. After the Co2 flushing, the bottle will be filled until it reaches the sensor value set on the touchscreen. The bottle can now be removed and the process starts again from scratch. 

4 or 8 bottles can be filled at the same time. in practice, when the last bottle is put under the head, the first one is ready to be replaced. 

Sales Via

The sale of the 4 and 8 cup hand filler for the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France will take place via from 1-7-2023. 

All information about our machines can also be found on their website and in the physical store in Beverlo. 

Questions about the fillers can of course be directed to us directly, but the Brouwland service team can also answer your questions. 


  • Dimensions:   770*986*600mm

  • Power: 110~230V 3A max

  • entrances: 1.5" TRI-CLAMP fluid, 1/4 CO2 inlet

  • Bottle size: 0.2 (can be made smaller by shortening the filling tube) to 1.5L 

  • party chicks:5 L barrels with special head. 2 out of 4 or 4 out of 8 are available.  

  • 150 bottles per hour per cup with 2 people (1x filling, 1x capping) 

  • 1.2 bar maximum tank pressure or pump pressure

  • Filling with and without back pressure

  • fully adjustable to your liking

  • 1 year carry-in warranty

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Rigters Fillers

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