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Compact table model 4 heads 

new machine! 4 heads canner and bottle filler in one. Complete with fast flush and up to 900 cans/bottles per hour. 



Machine explanation

Fill all types of cans quickly and easily with this compact machine. The machine should be placed at working height close to the clear beer tank. Beer / soda etco cold as possible to the machine. Ideal is maximum2 degrees. Place 4 empty cans in the machine each time and provide 4 full cans with lids at the end. between themSenin, everything is fully automatic. 

The machine is made for all types of cans, both slimline and normal size. 

The machine also fits bottles from 0.2 to 0.5 L. (maximum 71 mm thick and 230 mm high. ) 

Sales via

Selling the 4 head canner will be available for the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France via from 1-1-2024. 

All information about our machines can also be found on their website and in the physical store in Beverlo. 

Questions about the fillers can of course be addressed to us directly, but Brouwland's service team can also answer your questions.


  • Flexible format cans from slim cans up to 0.5l big cans. and bopttles up to 0.5L (71mm x 230mm)

  • Up to 900 cans per hour

  • Fully automatic pre-purge and filling with our unique sensor technology

  • Foam creation technology for minimal O2 pickup

  • Dimensions: 875*772x370 mm (W*H*D)

  • Weight:  50KG

  • All stainless frame

  • Stainless valves with EPDM seal

  • 7” waterproof touchscreen

  • Arduino PRO controlled with lifetime updates.

  • 110 ~ 230V @ 2A max power.

  • Beverage input: Tri clamp 1.5”

  • Compressed air input: 8mm push in @ 8 bar max

  • C02 input: 8mm push in / 1.4”   


We do not (yet) supply Seamers for cans ourselves. 

For this we recommend the following machines: 

Cannular Semiautomatic Canning Machine (€500~600)

Fully Automatic-Plastic-Drinking-Bottle-For-H

Order directly in our webshop


Rigters Fillers

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