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Fast and automatic keg cleaning

With our new keg cleaner it is possible to clean any type of keg at the touch of a button.

The machine is equipped with 2 large stainless steel stock pans, one of which has a heating element. 




Machine explanation

A cleaning agent and a disinfectant go into the two stainless steel pans. the cleaning agent can be kept warm with a 9KW 3 phase element. 

The user connects a keg and turns it upside down. Then it is 1 push of a button and the automatic program ensures perfect cleaning of the kegs. All parameters can be adjusted by the user such as flushing time, desired pressure etc. 

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  • 2 * 100L stock pans of which 1x with heating

  • 9KW 3~400V heating element

  • Touchscreen operation with modern UI

  • 2 high temperature pumps. 

  • full stainless steel frame on wheels

  • sensor technology for automatic cleaning and pressure preloading. 

  • 1/4 CO2, compressed air inlet

  • 3/8 water input. 

  • Every type of keg connection is available



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