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6x6 Filler + capper


This is the fastest machine we have ever built!

The whole concept is that the bottle goes from filling to capping as quickly as possible. We do this by not moving 6 bottles up the entire row, but only 1 bottle. 

This machine only takes 1.7 seconds between filling and capping, allowing for perfect “cap on foam”.

(new photos will be available on the production model site soon)

from €38,000

Machine explanation

This machine can only be used in full automatic mode. Unlike our 4,6 and 8 head semi-automatic, it is not possible to work semi-automatically with this machine. Bottles are always automatically loaded into the machine from a conveyor belt, labeller or depal. The fully automatic rinser is often located here, which will rinse the bottles before they are filled. 
The filling itself is done with the utmost precision and very quickly. We use all techniques on this machine such as fast flush and our unique fully automatic capper with crown cap sorter. 

Target prices:
The machine itself: € 38,000 single bottle type / € 46,000 Universal 
Mini depal for the machine: €7500
Large depal for a full pallet layer  €15000
Automatic rinser € 5500 (single bottle type) € 7500  Multi bottle type
Unpacking table with packing system €7500 


  • Dimensions depending on the type. minimum 1200x600 to 3000x 800. at 2200 height. 

  • Full stainless steel frame, with wheels and height adjustment. Both small indoor and large outdoor wheels are available.

  • Working height between 905 and 1050mm

  • Power standard 110 ~230V max 4A. models with assembly line 3~400V.

  • 10.5" touchscreen control with modern UI. 

  • 1.5" Tri clamp input for product, adapters are available. 

  • 1/4 F-male input for CO2 and water. 

  • 3/8 F-male compressed air inlet. 

  • Minimum compressed air recommended 400L / min. at 8 bar. 

  • All bottle types available. standard size 59.5 ~ 61.6 mm diameter for eg long neck. but also 0.75 is possible on request. 

  • Filling rate semi-auto =/- 1800 bottles per hour, fully automatic  up to 2200 bottles per hour. 


Our 8 cup filler can be completely customized to the wishes of the customer. The following default solutions are available. 



Rigters Fillers

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