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Co2 Volume meter

Co2 Volume meter

Our new Co2 volume meter is here!


We have created a simple but effective solution for measuring Co2 volumes in your product.

The whole system is based on “henry's law” by measuring pressure and temperature in a closed container.


How it works:


  • Close all valves on the meter and make sure the top lid is closed off.
  • By choice pressurize the meter by connecting co2.
  • Now connect your product to the bottom valve and open the valve gently.
    fill the whole meter with at less foam as possible and let it drain a bit.
  • Disconnect the product line and gently let all “over pressure” escape from the top valve.
  • Now close all valves and shake the meter for 20 sec.
  • Connect the meter to the touchscreen unit and read pressure, temperature and calculated Co2 Volumes.


The base unit is fitted with a 4.3” touchscreen and battery pack. Charging is done by a standard USB power unit (included)

Updates on the firmware are free and can be done on a windows Pc.



More info will be available shortly.

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