Our products

Dutch made Fillers for beer and softdrinks, with and without counter pressure


8 head Long neck / ,33 filler


4 ~6 head universal filler


8 head long neck + 6 head universal


Ultimate machine for € 35.000 ex vat

The ultimate version of our filler is a combined 8-head long neck filler with pass-tru to a inline labeler and a 6-head universal filler in one machine.
With this machine you can fill long neck’s (,33L) in high speed but also some specials when you need them. This is the best combination for a brewer that does 80% in standard bottles but wants to be flexible for rental brewers or during the holiday season.

Starting from € 18.000 ex vat.

If you need more flexibility and want to fill 0,2’s in the morning and 0,75s in the afternoon our universal filler is the best solution for you.
The stainless inserts make it possible to fit every bottle between 0,2 and 0,75 (1 liter on request)
Just reprogram the parameters for the bottle size and you can switch within 5 min. from one bottle to another type.
We produce this type of machine in 4 and 6 head version. The 4 head version has an lowered footprint so it will fit in low spaces.

Starting from € 21.000 ex vat.

The 8-head filler is special made for use with one bottle type with or without integrated labeler.
Standard bottles like the Long-neck or euro ,33 fit (other types on request)
Filling rate up to 400L/h with or without counter pressure.
The integrated Rinser rinses your bottles before filling with clean water or recirculate StrarSan with a pump.
Filling is done with 8 heads simultaneously for perfect filling levels. After filling the intergraded capper caps the bottles within 4 sec after filling (cap on foam)