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Co2 Volume meter version 2.0

Co2 Volume meter version 2.0

Our new Co2 volume meter is here!

version 2.0 ! 


new: We use a different sensor for pressure measurement, which means that the meter can be read perfectly even at very low concentrations.The software has been further improved, making it possible to do your own calibration.


We have created a simple but effective solution for measuring Co2 volumes in your product.

The whole system is based on “henry’s law” by measuring pressure and temperature in a closed container.


How it works:


  • Close all valves on the meter and make sure the top lid is closed off.
  • By choice pressurize the meter by connecting co2.
  • Now connect your product to the bottom valve and open the valve gently.
    fill the whole meter with at less foam as possible and let it drain a bit.
  • Disconnect the product line and gently let all “over pressure” escape from the top valve.
  • Now close all valves and shake the meter for 20 sec.
  • Connect the meter to the touchscreen unit and read pressure, temperature and calculated Co2 Volumes.


The base unit is fitted with a 4,3”touchscreen and USB. Updates on the firmware are free and can be done on a windows Pc.




    € 2.199,00Prijs
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